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New gallery is (finally finally finally) up


So, I’ve spent the last couple of days dealing with the effects of having multiple harddrive crashes and notoriously bad habit of not taking proper care of photographing my art and or the following editing.

But now, after hours of archive digging and photoshop editing I finally got myself somewhat of a gallery to present! It’s not complete but most of the paintings sold last year is represented at least.

With this job done and having a proper site for once, it should be much easier to save future work. If anyone got pictures of any art the feel are lacking from the gallery, feel free to mail me what you got! That also includes environmental pictures that shows them in their current home.



Turneresque_wipWilliam Turner is my favorite artist when it comes to romantic landscapes. I havent really tried to copy anything here but I am going to aim for his kind of fantastic warm and vivid lightning in his seascapes. The base consept is set, now starts the hard stuff…

My very own WordPress installation

So I’ve played around some with different option for homepage, blog, gallery etcetera – I ended up with just kicking out everything old and setting up my very own WordPress installation. Turns out its so easy it was up in 4min once I did it. Feels stupid not to have done it before but here it is at least. is here and will starts to take form.

New year, new site

2So I’m setting up a new site and thought that somewhat of a recap would be useful. Presentation may be found under About. Everything is under construction.

Ever since last May, has been on a slow burn. Production all but stopped from August up until now. Before that I had a year filled with art and creativity, running out of my home, after I’d quit my job to be able to take care of myself. In my case that meant having no daily agenda, paint a lot of stuff and just eat and train my way back to health. I reckon I made about 50:ish various art productions during that period, most being large abstract paintings. I it was a real bliss for some time.

That however changed over time. More exactly around christmas 2012. My fiancée got pregnant and pressure turned from creating better art to producing an income. From that time there was just a downward spiral quality and productivity. I didn’t particularly care about the art, the need for a job was clear. I took a job starting April 2013. Big relief. Also meant we could go forward with our plans of getting married. Good stuff. Didn’t  really matter that the job wasn’t all that fulfilling, I was back on the safe side of a steady income and kind of enjoyed just being around people on a daily basis after a year in solitude.

Anyhow, a new job opportunity arouse just after a couple of months which led me to jump a board to a new company, with a different product  and market perspective and in a new role as well. Just 11 days after my start there, my daughter came into our lives. Soon after that we started thinking of moving to a house . I think it took less than two weeks from though to sign-off on a really nice house and sold off the apartment within just a week of the. Early october we’d moved in and bam – I’d left the twenties and entered the thirties…lots of great things happening at the same time. BAM!

It’s now about 5 months ago I last had the opportunity/lust to paint. I’ve been occupied with other stuff both physically and mentally to say the least. But that’s about to change – in fact it already has. A couple of days ago I made room for my equipment and setup a studio in the basement and tried it out immediately with the production of a fast-painted abstract; it worked well enough! Now, two weeks into christmas vacation, I feel ready to not only pick up the brush but also the digital pen and yet again muster something of a showroom for my art.

I’ve used WordPress before and I like the simplicity of posting. That’s essential now when time is limited. is the direct address. I’ll redirect to this blog as well. Currently I’m not sure of how to present a gallery(currently an old version hosted by is all I got) but that should be doable one way or another. is still open(in Swedish though) where most of my work last year are represented. It is and probably will be a bit of a mess until I get everything sorted out.

For 2014 I think this will be a safe haven for me where I can come and go as creativity and time allows. I’ll try new styles and work on my patience, let the art grow over time with no rush. There is very little time and interest from my side to take orders unless their present a good challenge or in other ways sparks a personal interest from my side. Art is no longer attached to income at all and that feels very comforting.

Next up is a trial step into impressionistic art. I reckon that will be unveiled in a couple of days. Fun but casual times to come, maybe that’s what I really need to advance anyways – time will tell. Cheers!

//casual but still curious and artful